Available Services

NCRT enjoys working with package engineers and material suppliers to help create a package that will pass testing criteria. All testing is conducted in accordance with the CPSC guidelines and our own internal SOP's. To meet the varied needs of our customers, NCRT offers the following services:

Testing Services

NCRT performs all package testing in accordance with the guidelines outlined in 16 CFR 1700. We perform the Sequential Child Test, Senior Adult Use Effectiveness Test, Resecuring Test, and Young Adult Test.

Package Preparation

With our package preparation services, we can cycle packages, fill them with placebo, and torque/assemble most packages to be test-ready.

Test-Site Observation

NCRT invites you to observe testing in the Lincoln/Omaha, NE, area at one of our test sites.

Technical Evaluations

NCRT’s experienced staff encourages clients to submit samples in the design phase for an evaluation. The staff will review the physical and functional aspects of the design from a child and adult perspective and report back with their technical opinion. NCRT can also give suggestions for opening instructions. There is no fee for a technical evaluation – it saves both parties time and resources!

Along with our Testing Services

you will also get

Customer Service Representative

When you call on NCRT for our testing services, a dedicated contact person will answer all your questions and guide you through the testing process. You should always expect a response from your contact within 24 hours.

Timely Feedback

NCRT encourages customers to call ahead and get in the testing queue so that when your packages are ready to ship, they can get in our test schedule within three days of arrival. You can expect test result updates on a daily basis, as well as a same-day call to discuss any abnormal results.

Helpful Resources

If NCRT does not know the answer to your question, we are not afraid to ask for help. NCRT has many professional resources they can call on for guidance in helping you get your package to market.