Testing Cycle

The testing cycle consists of three phases:
  • PHASE 1
    An NCRT representative will meet with you to learn about your company’s specific needs and the scope of the testing project. Together, we will discuss your package design(s) and determine the testing procedure and a project timeline, and work out the details of any contractual issues.
  • PHASE 2
    NCRT will conduct the appropriate testing within our network of testing centers. We realize the importance of communication; you will receive test updates on a daily or weekly basis (your preference). We encourage clients to observe the testing process in person whenever possible - just let us know!
  • PHASE 3
    When testing has been completed, NCRT will compile the data and summarize the results in a final report. The final report will be delivered via electronic file.

If a package is performing poorly, NCRT encourages clients to learn as much from the data as possible.

We provide a detailed summary of in-process testing and are available for timely conference calls to analyze the results and offer solutions for going forward. We understand our clients need to put a safe and user-friendly package into the marketplace.